Excellent STEM Education for a Successful Scotland (ESESS) Project (Scottish Government)


The ESESS Project was funded by the Scottish Government (2010 – 2012).  It aimed to investigate how interdisciplinary science work could be integrated into the primary school curriculum.  It also sought to explore how video could enhance and support this work.  The project produced curriculum materials, and ran a film competition to share best practice (now closed).  The Project created a web site called FAST  – Film and Science Teaching – that showcases the ideas and outputs of the ESESS Project.

Other outputs include:

An ESESS Final Report (that will be available here)

A powerpoint summary of the ESESS Project: ESESS ASE Presentation (1)

A paper that will present and assess the ESESS Project Findings (in progress – contact the team for further details).

The ESESS FAST web site is available here:


FAST - the film and science teaching web site