Social Media 2013 Best Paper Award

ILETS member, Lee Dunn was invited to present a paper to Social Media 2013 and 18th International Conference on Education Technology in August, 2013. The conference saw over 400 delegates, presenters and participants from 22 countries, with some stepping on Hong Kong soil and others drifting in via cyberspace.

A rich range of quality keynote presentations together with lively workshops and seminars provided a rich buffet to feast upon. And this was augmented by a range of culinary and social delights.

Lee, who teaches Education Studies and Technology at The University of Glasgow, was invited to give the keynote address, explaining that:

I am delighted to be involved in this conference, which I believe to be an essential contribution to education, based on emerging technologies which have significant potential and equal challenges. Social media has grown from its original conceptualisation and as it is realised today, it may offer a new construct to enhance learning and teaching. Greenhow and Gleason explore the use of Twitter and suggest that it may lead to increased engagement and better interaction between students and teachers. A similar view is held by Fusch, who explores the possibility that the resources at our disposal are as important as the learning intentions and that indeed, resources are needed which promote social communication, create a more interactive learning experience and promote collaboration amongst peer groups and staff.  The paper offers a synthesis of international literature and draws conclusions from a recent study carried out within The University of Glasgow. Crucially, it will explore the students’ perception and expectations on social media interaction within the context of their learning experience.

The paper can be found here:

Dunn, L.   (2013) Using social media to enhance learning and teaching.    In: Social Media 2013: 18th International Conference on Education and Technology, 1-3 Aug 2013, Hong Kong, China.