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Ldcl5079a 20 european literature this module examines examples of twentieth-century european writing (all read in translation). We require evidence of proficiency in english (including speaking, listening, reading and writing) at the following level: ielts: 6.

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The module is intended for both literature and creative writing students, especially those with an interest in visual art, aesthetics and nature writing. We also offer a rich range of extra-curricular opportunities and work experience that form part of the uea award.

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His-5050b 20 reading and writing translations this course focuses on reading translated texts from around the world, and analysing them in the context of translation theory. Their work will also be compared thematically, with a focus on themes such as the natural law and social contract traditions, and other schools of thought which have been influenced by these module will be based on the study and interpretation of key texts and will enable students to develop skills of textual analysis and critique.

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Ldcl6026b 30 writing religion in early-modern england this module begins by introducing you to the central mythic drama of christianity: in the garden of eden, adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit, and 'fell' from perfection; to save humankind, god had to turn his own son into a mortal man and let him be crucified. This module aims to encourage independent learning and the initiation and development of new creative material in a way that provides a grounding in the disciplines necessary both for postgraduate research and the professional practice of writing.

We will for example study differences between french spoken in africa and in france, compare spoken french in different social contexts, or study french journalistic writing. Uea has an online portal where you can keep on top of your work, modules and timetables.

We will also examine this writing in its social, historical and political context, which raises questions regarding the significance of gender, censorship and empire. Ldcl6108b 30 urban visions: the city in literature and visual culture this interdisciplinary module explores the idea and representation of 'the city' through a range of writings (fiction, poetry, essays, theory), visual (painting, photography, film) and occasionally other sensory material (sound, smell), spanning from the mid-19th to the 21st century and focused on two great capitals of modernity, paris and london.

There are classes in writing poetry, prose and drama, and in each case the aim is to complement the critical study of literature with insights gained from the practice of writing itself. This module takes this 'perversity, under respectable appearance' as the starting point for asking how an attention to our emotions - our feeling, affects, and intimacies, as well as our aversions - can make us rethink what it means to be critical and creative readers and writers.

Read it after english uea literary festival the university of east anglia's first literary festival took place in 1991 and over the last twenty five years we have welcomed a host of award-winning authors, journalists, illustrators, scientists, economists, broadcasters and more. This module allows you to think critically in genres other than conventional academic essays, and in doing so aims to foster connections between critical and creative writing.

Ldcl6087a 30 madness and medicine: women's writing in the regency this module will study late 18th-century and early 19th-century writings in the context of scientific and medical innovation. We attend to the brilliance of chaucer's poetry formally by considering his use of literary and generic convention; we approach his writing comparatively by looking at chaucer's engagement with classical (ovid, boethius, the traditional stories of troy) and older french and italian writing (dante and boccaccio); we consider the ways in which chaucer's writing records and responds to the historical circumstances of late-fourteenth-century england (particularly in the royal court and within london); and we look at the manner in which chaucer's works were written and read ('published' and circulated) within a medieval manuscript culture and at the implications this has for an understanding of his work.

Ldcl6122b 30 the art of emotion: literature, writing and feeling according to roland barthes, emotion is 'a disturbance, a bordering on collapse: something perverse, under respectable appearances; emotion is even, perhaps, the slyest of losses'. International candidates are also actively encouraged to access the university's international section of our website.

Admissions enquiries: admissions@ or telephone +44 (0)1603 ranked as a world top 200 university in the times higher education sity rankings 2017with a globalreputation for ground-breaking research, world-class teaching and some of the happiest students in the uk. The course will cover the basic skills and knowledge of the reporter, news production skills, news values and news sources, professional and ethical standards, online presentation and writing, radio, video and tv reporting.

Upgraded to gold in teaching excellence framework on sity of east university rankings university rankings h research park, norwich, norfolk, nr4 7tj, united sity of east university of east university of east anglia is a teaching and research institution with around 15,000 students. Ldcc6003a 30 creative writing dissertation (spr) this is an advanced level module which is for final year cw minors.

The module works in three inter-related ways: by exploring a range of important medieval literary genres (the lyric, allegorical narrative, romance, 'mystical writing', 'life writing', moral fable, dream vision); by considering important aspects of the medieval world (social, political, religious) and their textual representation; and by addressing the material circumstances in and by which medieval texts were written and read, published and circulated (in manuscripts and in the very earliest printed books). Building on this, the module ends by focusing on how you can apply critical thinking to your own thinking, reading, writing and looking.

Ldcc5001a 20 creative writing: prose fiction (spr) exclusive to elcw students (and for other students who have achieved 68+ (or equivalent for visiting students) in a previous creative writing module). In the third year, you may also choose to pursue a creative writing dissertation, where you'll produce a more substantial piece of writing - a longer short story, drama script, or collection of poems.

The two parts of your degree - literature and creative writing - are designed to support and complement one another, each developing your skills as a reader and a writer. This module will examine works from across dickens's writing career, in a variety of different modes - fiction, journalism, drama, and public speaking - reading them not only in the context of dickens's times, but also in the context of how other writers in those times dealt with comparable questions.