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By steven kelloggemily's first 100 days of school rosemary wellsmonty by james stevensonopen wide - tooth school inside by laurie kellerreading to your bunny by rosemary wellsshrinking violet by cari best, illus. Then the teacher should allow the students to share their ideas/responses with their partner.

On the , each square should equal a predetermined unit of ts should then determine the area each part of their garden up, as well as the perimeter and area of the entire background students wrote a draft of the letter ni ni will write to her “ba ba’s garden in america” as a reader’s response activity, now revise and edit their letters. Cheng was inspired to write chrysanthemums after hearing her husband’s mother talk about ’s garden in ding focus introducing this book to students, you may wish to ound and promote anticipation by posing questions such as you have a grandparent or an older adult you feel very close to?

The following questions and writing activities to help ce active reading and personalize their responses to the t that students respond in reader’s journals, essays, or sion. Then ask:how did chrysanthemum feel about her name in the beginning of the story?

Chrysanthemum begins to feel that her name is "absolutely dreadful" instead of "absolutely perfect" as it once was. Our adaptations are faithful reflections of classic children's picture books designed to motivate beginning, struggling, reluctant and limited english language proficient readers to want to nthemum discussion chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum's only problem, once she reaches school age, seems to be her name which becomes the object of ridicule by jealous classmates.

It's a great book to use for lessons on cause-and-effect, friendship, bullying, feelings and/or ts fold a paper heart each time someone says something unkind to chrysanthemum and then unfold it when someone says something kind. Later, have children try to think of ways they might be more helpful to or supportive of their family members or with children about the ways chrysanthemum's classmates treated her before miss twinkle entered the story.

Am able to take valuable lessons and apply them to real life ts will write an opinion paragraph in response to the following prompt:in the story chrysanthemum, mrs. Am me booklet for pre-k -grade might also like the literacy-math study packs and teaching resources listed below, click on the link to preview:All about birds primary learners literacy tte's web literature study trumpet of the swan literature study g checklist for beginning response journals task red hen literacy-math tte's web literacy pack for primary readers and the giant peach literature study of the blue dolphins literature study fables mini-literacy giving tree by shel silverstein writing response ational text book circles reader response you cards for primary learners to a helpful and organized notebook for your substitute lication practice -usa-states & capitals garden by kevin henkes- reader response , draw and follow directions grades and toad reader response pages and writing g sentences for first graders.

Kinds of things did chrysanthemum's parents tell her to help her feel better about what was happening at school? To apply the concepts learned the students will use evidence from the text to write an opinion paragraph explaining the lesson learned and then proving that lesson's importance in the characters' t(s): english language ted technology:Document camera, computer for presenter, microsoft ds: close reading, retell, chrysanthemum, comprehension strategies, central message, lesson, kevin henkes, story elements, opinion ctional component type(s):Instructional design framework(s):Direct instruction, writing to lesson plan development login at the top of this page to access this !

Wish listview cartlog injoin uschrysanthemum - reader response pages - [writing prompts]- children's literaturepreviewsubjectbalanced literacy, literature, writinggrade levelskindergarten, 1st, 2nd, homeschoolresource typeprintables, literacy center ideas, literature circlesproduct ratingn/a•not yet ratedfile typepdf (acrobat) document filebe sure that you have an application to file type before downloading and/or purchasing. The students may provide several different responses, for example: the name is different than anyone else's, it's too long, it's the same as a flower, etc.

You use literature circles during reading time, students might following suggestions helpful in focusing on the different roles questioner might use questions similar to the ones in sion question section of this passage locator might look for lines in the story that each character is illustrator might create scenes on a timeline that plot of the connector might find other books that feature stories special relationships between children and their summarizer might provide a brief summary of the group’g and discussion points for each investigator might look for information about chinese fishponds and their importance to chinese are many resource books available with more organizing and implementing literature circles. The students become responsible for the discussion while the teacher acts as a facilitator, asking open-ended questions and encouraging various responses/ideas while also allowing for students to ask further questions to maintain the flow of discussion.

After reading, allow the students a few minutes to share their lary (20-30 minutes): appreciate, dreadful, informed, miserably, scarcely, fascinating, winsome, wilted, jealous, envious, begrudging, discontented, jaundiced. Variety of post-reading activities designed to be compatible with the four block plans: modeling a is a planned think-aloud lesson.

Writing will be assessed using the attached odations & odations: students working below grade level may need to work with a partner or in a small group with guidance from teacher for independent portion of the ts needing extra support may need to orally dictate their ideas for their writing while the teacher scribes their responses for them to ts may need a writing frame with sentence starters for the summative writing students may rely more heavily on the illustrations than others to better understand the story. Twinkle, the music teacher, explains to the class that she has a long name "that would scarcely fit on a name tag," just like chrysanthemum's name.

Designed for grade y and 4 sets of discussion questions based on different aspects of the -reading and post-reading questions. You can visit her online gs, sharing & giving, overcoming obstacles, immigration, holidays/traditions, grandparents, families, environment/nature, cultural diversity, childhood experiences and memories, asian/asian american interest, empathy/compassion, optimism/enthusiasm, people in motion, realistic /asian american english collection grades 3-5, english fiction grades 3-6, fluent dual language , fluent english, english guided reading level n, realistic fiction grades 3-5, mother's day collection, chinese culture collection, english fiction grades prek-2, asian pacific american heritage collection , appendix b diverse collection grades k-2, appendix b diverse collection grades 3-6, grandparents collection, asian/asian american english collection grades prek-2, kindness and compassion collection, empathy collection, social and emotional learning to know more about us or have specific questions regarding our teacher's guides?

But with the help of supportive parents, and an especially wonderful music teacher, chrysanthemum soon learns to appreciate the beauty and melodious sounds of her name iveschildren will explore the meaning of en will investigate feelings of en will learn about the positive effects of reading activitiestalk with children about their first names. By the end of the day, children will be surprised at how often their name is children of the way chrysanthemum's parents supported her throughout the story.

Make sure they are accessible to the students may need repeated students may need to work in close proximity to the teacher to be more s can be added to the vocabulary chart to help students remember the words' ts can work in a group or as a class to complete a story map before completing the retell wheel ions: think about how chrysanthemum felt in the story when her classmates made fun of her name. Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and additional objectives will be met as well:Students will explore the meaning of ts will examine the effect of name calling/ts will examine the importance and effect of the end of the group chrysanthemum activity, you will have created a visual reminder of the effects of bullying vs.

Do you think chrysanthemum felt when miss twinkle told the class how much she loved the name "chrysanthemum? Throughout this activity the students share their ideas, listen to various opinions and ideas, and provide evidence using the text to further engage in a quality conversation with their onal information/nthemum by kevin henkes has a lexile level of a close reading activity, this lesson focuses on the application of targeted skills, not as an and access of author/source: monica cooper  district/organization of contributor(s): this resource freely available?