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While reading their responses, i, of course, take note of misunderstandings students may have, or any redirection they may need, and i save those conversations for when we meet face to do you have your students respond to their reading without taking up too much class time? The reading response center ensures, though, that kids have an extra chance to practice since we don’t have a dedicated reading response time every day. This week i’d like to share with you how i get my kids thinking about their reading and sharing their thoughts in five minutes or g response class uses kidblog to share their thoughts and feelings about books.

Click on the image to download the free ing reading short reading responses give me a snapshot of my students’ thoughts and comprehension on the days i can’t meet with them. Using this half-page sheet, students provide information about their reading, touching on summarizing, sequencing, vocabulary skills, and the asking questions/wondering comprehension strategy we work on in reading. Influence of reading motives on the responses after reading ls1, chou yj, lin information1department of business administration, fu-jen catholic university, hsinchuang city, taiwan, republic of china.

Lshuang@ractas the number of blogs increases dramatically, these online forums have become important media people use to share feelings and information. It's what the students will do as a response to the reading where the technology integration comes are five common core ela standards addressed in this module. Maybe, but i want the kids to work on other types of writing it be a whole class activity, following a readaloud or shared reading?

Hosts all wcpss are some blog hosting sites to explore if you are not in wake county:Weebly     wordpress      edublogs      blogger        and more... Here are some resources that you may or may not use as initial post questions on your e of reading! Reading ge, literacy, and special ;language arts (middle school);literature--study and ary education and purpose of this research inquiry was to investigate what happens when eighth grade students participate in an online classroom blog in response to literature assigned for their english class.

My 3rd graders can hardly wait to see if anyone has commented on their posts, making this five-minute reading response one of the most engaging we you have wanted to try blogging with your class, kidblog may be a good place to start. Links for ela of ela is reading and creating a response, whether it be to express an opinion, think critically, or assess comprehension. December 21, ary education and teaching context to search:Across all me via email or ibility for english a tech bytes bloginformational textreading responsewriting toolsauthentic writingdigital storytellingarticleswikisvocabularycomicsinteractive practice & gamesbloom's taxonomyphoto resourcesvideo resourceswriting promptsarticle archivesmisc.

All rights a long time, i didn’t have a literacy center devoted entirely to reading response. Kids recommend books to each other creates this amazing buzz and energy for reading in your classroom. On days when students are doing a “shorty” response, as they call it, they can choose an open square on the tic-tac-toe board and respond to it on a page in their reading binder.

Blogging habits and topics were examined to determine impact of blogging on student interest in reading and writing and quality of student writing in response to literature. View ela standards here:Click here to download ela standards , now that you are familiar with the standards that the ela technology integration will accomplish, you will carry out the reading of the text in a manner that works in your you are ready to introduce the blog that you have created to students, you will model and teach (in a series of mini-lessons)  how the following procedural and content:1. Part of the fun is trying to achieve a tic-tac-toe, but students are actually answering prompts that are within, about, and beyond the on the images above to download a customizable tic-tac-toe board and the reading response paper my students use to “countdown” response focuses on the basics.

According to a factor analysis of 204 respondents in taiwan, motives for reading blogs consist of affective exchange, information search, entertainment, and getting on the bandwagon. I’ve had students fill this response out without its even being assigned because they’ve had a sudden epiphany while reading that they want to put down in stic resources for quick reading stic is a treasure trove of reading response graphic organizers and reading response ideas. But i wasn’t quite sure where it could fit into our it be part of the independent reading center?

Reading to oneself is not highly motivating for many students, it is for a few, but sharing ideas through live and/or online discussions creates a community of learners and is more engaging than reading and responding in a journal or on a piece of paper. A regression analysis suggests the effects of these motives on three major responses--opinion acceptance, interaction intentions, and word-of-mouth (wom) intentions--reflect the influence of blogs. Make inferences and connections drawn from the might be helpful to develop a critical thinking rubric, either ahead of time or collaboratively with the students, so they know what is expected in their blog responses, similar to the one i developed below.

Pd module: creating a reading response classroom module is designed to show teachers how using a classroom blog for students gives them a way to express their opinions and reactions to texts, especially books read in class or as part of a book club. Evaluation is a key component when identifying and communicating objectives to students, they need to know what specifically to improve in order to be more successful with the objectives, and even big picture, with their learning and their overall ad the guidelines for critical thinking rubric you're interesting in seeing a few other reading response blogs in action, check out some examples below:Mr. If you lump reading response in with independent reading, it’s really hard to get kids to find a true balance between reading and responding.