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Of the day | fishing for editor, sir:i went fishing in florida recently and was impressed with what they are doing there to sustain fishing in the state. Control won't editor, sir:my condolences to the families of the persons recently killed inside the texas church.

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Editor, sir:in jamaica, we have the privilege of exercising our franchise by voting in an election and selecting a government. If you have further questions, contact the newspaper and ask for the attachments, help reduce the spread of computer viruses and to ensure that we are able to read your message, the gleaner no longer accepts letters to the editor, news releases or other announcements in the form of attachments to e-mail d, please copy and paste the information directly into the form submission or the body of the e-mail.

Gleaner main source for news and information since ibe to this submitting a "letter to the editor" ing must be filled out for consideration in using your letter. For every era of film in the last half-century, there's a memorable donald sutherland r it's his breakthrough performance in the dirty dozen, his portrayal of demented arsonist in backdraft or playing a ruthless president in the hunger games films, sutherland's career spans roughly 140 films in every genre, his performances tinged with wit, charm, and often a hint of abu dhabi prepares to unveil itself to the dhabi, united arab emirates • stepping into the louvre abu dhabi, one of the first artworks a visitor sees is a two-headed neolithic statue from jordan, one of the oldest known in human duality – looking back and toward the future, encompassing both east and west – is a theme that extends throughout the new museum, which is opening to the public on saturday after a decade of delays and questions over labourers' write to the editor?

Editor sir:the previous elections in south east st mary have not been so great for the people's national party (pnp). Words into editor, sir:i have been monitoring the prime minister's words, and although he has made himself more accessible than his predecessor did, he seems to have come up with a magic word to describe what he has failed to do.

Is the second most widely read section of the newspapers welcome letters from the can share your views with a wide will gain support from it short and simple. Out more funds to repair st mary editor, sir:this is an open letter to norman dunn:there are craters on the main road between chovey (georgia) and rosemount leading from kingston and annotto bay.

Avoid debates or personal attacks; just state your opinion and why you feel this e your name, email and telephone number at the bottom of the letter (they will not be published, but the editors may wish to contact you for clarification). Gleaner main source for news and information since 's paper, also known as the e-edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper.

After a couple days, call to ask when will be t information of email the paper of your & transcript – aph journal – saint gleaner – fredericton. Of the day | economic growth is the editor, sir:a columnist in the observer, doran francis made an interesting point about jamaica's most significant period of economic growth, 1967-1972, which he attributed to edward seaga, who served as minister of...

Letter to the editor” as a title or subject line if you are emailing, write in the body of the email – no you are responding to an article you read, specify its title and publication as you would civil. And they will be happy to help you resolve your aph-journal greater saint john times & transcript the daily gleaner the tribune miramichi leader kings county record the northern light bugle observer the victoria star l'étoile le madawaska.

If you do not want us to publish your letter, please state so in the "letter to the editor" to the editor *. Editor, sir:for the past several months, thieves have been riding on bikes into pembroke hall,st andrew, and robbing two nights ago, i was held up at gunpoint and robbed.

Between discipline and editor, sir:as prime minister andrew holness and others move to take this round of national debate on the question of banning corporal punishment in schools and homes to another level, i have just two first concern has to do with the... Your mistakes, editor, sir:during the by-election campaign for the south east st mary seat, i noticed that the youth of the people's national party (pnp) went down a very dangerous road.

Try to keep the letter within 250 words and please avoid comments that might be deemed slanderous, libelous or in poor taste. Crime strategy a welcome editor, sir:on thursday, november 2, 2017, a commentary by garth rattray was published entitled 'solid crime strategy'.

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Designed by s to the form is for submitting a "letter to the editor" following must be filled out for consideration in using your letter (except those marked optional). Of the day | set up watchdog over election editor, sir:the recently concluded by-elections in south east st mary saw the utilisation of state resources to influence an outcome at a level that was outrightly vulgar.

270-831-8393 | g a letter express a viewpoint or to comment on an issue of general interest, simply do one of the following:Address a letter to the editor in care 270-831-8345 or fax it to us at us your letter by using the form above on this page and choosing the "letter to the editor" option. Editor, sir:dancehall has, over the years, had its fair share of controversy, and at the moment the public has been called to determine who are the real dancehall supreme rulers - male and incumbent dancehall monarch beenie man is in...

Of the day | national id bill unjust, editor, sir:the jamaica coalition for a healthy society (jchs) expresses its grave concerns about the undue haste with which the government is proceeding with the passage of the national identification and... Gleaner main source for news and information since s to the form is for submitting a "letter to the editor" following must be filled out for consideration in using your letter (except those marked optional).