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One student studying quantum mechanics and cryptography at rmit did a pitch which started with a story about what happens when someone steals your credit card. Then, modify it for the lay audience and trim it down to get a 15 second an effort to take this advice and put it into practice, the contributors of the thepostdocway have created and recorded their own one minute elevator pitches.

Elevator pitch research example

The head of a conservation organization will want to know how the research helps to preserve biodiversity, whereas a potential employer is looking for information about a scientist's skill same goes for conversations about the commercialization potential of the research. In an effort to map out the various routes of communication, i developed a communication diagram to help focus the is the purpose of an elevator pitch?

While articles in national magazines are crucial for the distribution of scientific knowledge to the public, a quick chat with a prospective lab assistant, new acquaintance at a party, or your next door neighbor is also a great opportunity to disseminate information about cutting-edge research and the scientific of the positive impact if you could sell a research project with an elevator pitch – a description of an idea that is concise yet exciting enough for an entrepreneur to sell to a potential investor during a short elevator ride. Articulate the purpose of the work, researchers should step back and consider the bigger picture.

From june 2011 to may 2012 she was employed at the mit quanta lab, an experience which inspired this ication about science doesn’t need to be time-consuming or distracting from research — it can be as simple as being able to excite someone about your research in one sentence. This is a brief, rehearsed statement that describes the reason why someone should hire you or buy your product, ostensibly delivered during an elevator ride when you bump into a potential scientists, we are frequently called upon to introduce ourselves, describe our career and goals, or to provide a concise description of a research project.

Supervision lian historical society early career researchers lian phd scholarship ations in ch degree digital doctorate (paul spencer's research education blog). Navneeta pathak, a cell biologist at the university of california, san diego, and one of the winners of the ascb elevator-speech contest, studies cancer metastasis but chose not to use that word in her speech.

Please try again hed on jul 4, rd youtube autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play best elevator assefzadeh 90-second research winning pitch at mit global startup westfall - "the story of you: secrets of a great elevator pitch". Call the elevator pitch the “bbq speech” in my workshops, partly because i am australian, but mostly because i think the best pitches are in plain language.

Being a fan of the ‘import – export” model of creativity, i looked to marketing literature for ideas on making a good research the business library i came across a book called “made to stick: why some ideas survive and others die…” by the brothers heath. Kwok is a freelance science writer in burlingame, d links in npgscitable by nature education: effective communicationsoapbox science blog: an elevator pitch for a research projectnaturejobs blog: social-media tips for scientistsrelated external linksamerican society for cell biology on youtube: videos of winning contest entriescompasssearch science jobs in ate editor / senior editor roles, nature research - talent pool , united sor and faculty positions at the academy of medical sciences (ams), zhengzhou academy of medical sciences of zhengzhou cs, key lab for neuroinformation, university of electronic sciences and technology of sity of electronic science and technology of china (uestc).

This is also the summary to have in mind while interviewing for a job when the interviewer asks you to tell them about a given format is closer to the traditional elevator pitch that is much discussed in business circles. It is important to remember the purpose of an elevator pitch is to get your listeners interested in learning more about your work by agreeing to schedule a second meeting with are my suggestions for preparing an elevator pitch for scientists.

I analyze the mri data that was collected by his research assistant lauren who has now gone to medical school. Ninja– awful library books is cracking me up, epecsially in light of my recent weeding project at my new post.

If asked to describe a research project to a high-school audience, you'll choose a different “hook” and terminology. For example, riesselmann recalls an article in the march 2005 issue of symmetry, a magazine co-produced by fermilab, in which a particle physicist wrote that the theory of supersymmetry “describes a grand dance of particles through the universe, but we can currently see only one partner from each pair”.

Nonetheless, this fastcompany article describes a few good principles, as does this site on elevator pitch essentials. If a colleague engages you in further discussion, you should be prepared to gently dive into more details (a 5-minute elevator pitch…a “cab ride pitch”).

Aside from fielding questions about their jobs at cocktail parties, researchers may need to summarize their work briefly while interviewing for a position, asking for money, taking a visiting politician on a lab tour or wooing a potential collaborator at a conference. We cross-fertilise each other’s ideas without the least need to ck: how to sell your thesis in 3 minutes (or less) | research education | ck: viva africa multimedia » guidelines for ck: in defence of the three minute thesis competition | ck: {teaching} what to do?

You have broadcasted your research and yourself to a roomful of scientists, some of whom may be representatives of pharmaceutical and biotech to prepare an elevator pitch? The next assignment, your research presentation, is effectively a third, longer elevator this:twitterfacebooklike this:like loading...

Switch to audio or pitches for scientists: what, when, where and 's blog/ elevator pitches for scientists: what, when, where and or pitches for scientists: what, when, where and or pitches for scientists: what, when, where and buted by uyen | august you have attended scientific seminars and conferences, i bet you sat through seminars where the science was so interesting and relevant to your work but the presentation was so awful that instead of focusing on the research results you wondered how the speaker has made it this far in his career. Hi, my name is cecilia,” says seixas, a postdoc at the new university of lisbon's chronic diseases research center in portugal.

After all, if i can’t explain to a stranger within a minute the heart of why my research is worthwhile and exciting, could i convince myself in a moment of self-doubt? Researchers are notorious for using jargon, spouting streams of facts or becoming so bogged down in the details of their experiments that they forget to mention why they are doing them at all.