Lev Vygotsky

Interdisciplinary Learning, Education, Technologies and Society (ILETS)

Research and Teaching Group

ILETS Research and Teaching Group is part of the School of Education, based within the College of Social Sciences, at The University of Glasgow.

We are a team of interdisciplinary researchers and teachers from a variety of backgrounds.   We aim to do leading edge research and knowledge transfer where ‘fields converge’, taking our expertise beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, and communicating our innovations to colleagues in other professions and contexts. We research where Learning, Technologies and Education converge, seeking to investigate emerging issues that permeate our political, personal, social and professional lives – sometimes in complex ways. These issues may also touch our moral and ethical lives, and yet often are ‘incommensurable’ with them. STEM education is a key part of our work.

We try to maintain a critical perspective on these issues, challenging our students, collaborators and partner institutions to work alongside us, in a wide range of endeavours. This is a major ‘project’ of the group, as it is a major pragmatic and intellectual project in our culture. The Group supports and fosters action/practitioner research, opportunities for experience of preparing funding applications, for collaborative writing and publishing, for the development of innovative research-related high quality teaching programmes, as well as doctoral and post-doctoral work.

Learning and Education with Technologies is a central interest of the Group, and provides a strong dimension to the scholarship opportunities available to members. The scope of the Group includes higher education and schools; our vision is international and inclusive. There are opportunities to link curriculum, research, and CPD expertise, and participate in work around the intellectual and practitioner interests of group members (see members’ pages) as these evolve.

If you would like to learn more about our work, or you’d like talk about potential partnership activities, please contact us.

updated on: Feb 23, 2014

The image above is Lev Vygotsky 1896-1934 see http://www.marxists.org/archive/vygotsky/ for more information